At Indulge, we are sensitive to your wishes for your wedding day- which is ultimately representation of the relationship between you and your spouse to be. Like the weddings we have produced before, let Indulge service your every desire. Our team perfectly blends the art of gourmet cooking with a sense of professionalism and attention to detail, to produce the reception of your dreams. Let our expert staff help you keep your stress levels down, as we offer full referrals to musicians, photographers, hair stylists, make up artists, entertainers and more.
Indulge Contemporary Catering is an innovative company that offers the highest quality private and corporate event planning in Southern California. Let Indulge Contemporary Catering design and fulfill your needs to create a perfect event to represent your company, to your employees, vendors, associates, and partners. Small or large, we can custom produce any event you can imagine, which will ultimately leave a lasting postive impression on those you are looking to amaze.

“The attentiveness that indulge gave us was amazing! We have had different caterer's, and Indulge is the best we have had by far. The knowledge, service, attention to detail and even the advise is impressive. I would and will hire them again.”- Nydia, Corporate Client Event- July 10. 2009
There are special events, and then there are birthday celebrations! Indulge Contemporary Catering is extremely knowledgeable in this field. We have expertise in providing you and your family the most exquisite cuisine and event that is sure to make your loved ones proud and the day memorable!

“Flor and her staff are just fabulous, SUPER dedicated, creative, and just on-the-ball in every respect.” Lorena 7-13-2008
If you can dream it, Indulge can do it. Need that special company to provide that extra “something” that takes an event from “typical” to “exceptional”? Do you have an event that seems to make other caterers nervous? Indulge contemporary catering can help you organize the pieces needed to make sure your unique event becomes a reality- and make a lasting impression on your special guests.

“You can trust Flor and her team to LISTEN TO YOU, and to offer up a ton of great creative and innovative ideas, and put it all together for a very unique event that encompasses all your needs, desires, and YOUR personality/style.” Lorena 7-13-2008
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  • INDULGE Contemporary Catering will thrill all your senses with passion and style through exquisitely prepared menus, designed for the finest imaginative settings and presentation that you most deserve. If you can envision it, we can design it, 5 Star reviewed for award winning unbeatable value.